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Live amateur cam girls vs Real girls – Who’s worth your attention?

Girls rule the world- this is a common saying that you very often see displayed on t shirts and on Facebook status messages nowadays. The saying is true, though perhaps not in the manner in which it was intended. Girls rule the world because we boys want to be around them. Most of the great art in the world, great inventions made since time immemorial were made because there were men somewhere trying to impress a woman.

Things haven’t changed much over the centuries and we men are still trying to impress girls, make them likes us, have them fall in love with us but most importantly get into a sexual relationship with them. The latter probably is the most important thing because no man wants to be with a super hot girl unless he can get in bed with her and spend a lot of time doing dirty things to her.

You could have Pamela Anderson in her prime fawning all over you, you could have a swarm of hot college girls inviting you to their slumber parties but unless there is a chance of sexual activity, they will be able to hold your interest for only so long. Perhaps one could amend the message we discussed in the beginning to “sex rules the world.”

lucywalcott - webcam girl chatting on laptop from livejasmin
Yes, she is real ,online and waiting…

New ways to get amateur webcam girls undressed

It is 2018 and thanks to technology, there are many ways to get sex. You could log onto a dating website in the hope of scoring with a blonde girl next door type. Or install Tinder on your smart phone to hook up with some beautiful coed babes. Worse come worse you could just send dick videos to the cute girl next door.

Sadly none of them will guarantee you any action because most women, especially the hot blonde college girls you crave form treat their pussy like it’s made of gold and in their mind, you better be worth it and have a fat wallet if you are going anywhere near it. Such is the rule of the world and if you want any action with college girls- hot or not, you better be ripped, loaded and still be ready to appease. Of course not all of us are like that, which is why we must be thankful that there is an easier, much more rewarding option – amateur cam girls on free live cam chat sites.

What are amateur cam girls?

Imagine a cute girl next door, broadcasting herself on a live cam with the sole intent of expressing her sexuality on a free amateur webcam site for the pleasure of her admirers who are regular people like you and me. It’s like a live Periscope, Instagram live or a Twitch live broadcast except it is completely sexual in nature. And just like you develop a relationship over time with girls you might follow on Instagram, Periscope or Snapchat, you also have a chance to build something with this hot amateur girl next door except the relationship is going to be a very sexual one. Not that you’d mind!

For instance, there are live webcam babes who will give their regular followers access to their private social media accounts and sometimes even their private Skype account for private conversations. Essential being with webcam girls is like having a girlfriend without any of the drama, the arguments and the baggage that comes with a real life one. And today we will take a look at 7 reasons why these amateur webcam girls on adult web cam sites are better than a real girlfriend.

1. That cute girl next door is likely to be vain

genesisrois- a beautiful amateur cam girl next door
Your hot girl next door…

If you have ever had any experience with hot girls, especially hot college babes, you already know what a hot mess they are. Hot women are not only vain they are more often than not, full of themselves. In fact a multi-part study from Harvard & Santa Clara universities found that beautiful people are more likely to be vain and unstable than the rest of us.

We think that being with such a girl, who is super-hot, will give us the ego boost that most men crave for but the reality is that such a relationship can drain the soul out of you, leaving you a bitter person. Now compare this to spending time in fun chat rooms with online webcam girls who know they are super-hot but do not hold that against you. From teen (18+) college girls to webcam amateur girls who are more than happy to spend sexy time on their cam TV with you. All of that without any drama!

2. Regular girls can’t hold water to amateur webcam girls

“But I don’t need to be with a model hot girl, I can be with a regular girl.” You ask. If you have ever dated, then you know that many times, regular, average looking girls are much worse than the coed hotties, at least the latter are secure in their physical appearance.

The plain Janes might not be vain but they have a case of something much worse- insecurity about their looks and bitterness that comes with not looking as good as the other women. Have you ever taken a regular girl to the prom? Or to a party? Notice how they spend most of their time commenting on hotter girls and criticizing everything about them? Yep, we all have been there.

The worst part is that such girls expect you to look your best, provide for them and put in the work that the hottest coeds would expect of you. Except the plain Jane is not a hot college blonde. Thus what you are getting is a bad return on all this investment. If you’d put such time and resources building a relationship with say, teen (18+) cam girls on their hardcore cams, then you would not just get the sexual gratification you so deserve but a girlfriend experience that is better than the one with a real life plain Jane.

3. Free webcam chat with girls on adult webcam sites is an easy going experience

Being in any relationship with a girl whether hot college babes or cute girls next door is always much more complicated than a relationship with live cam models. First of all with a real life girlfriend, you have to put in a lot of effort. Take her out on dates, to dinners, not to mention shopping and movies. And then you have to go everywhere as a couple- birthday parties, weddings- you name it. Dare even try to talk to another girl, especially one who is hotter, and your girlfriend is likely to throw a tantrum, causing a scene.

Since your girlfriend very likely knows you well, she will start pushing your buttons and drive you up the wall. Contrast this with online chatting sites where live cam women are waiting all day for you. They don’t ask where you’ve been or if you are flirting with other women. These busty coeds don’t talk about anything you don’t want to discuss and their only goal is to start a dirty cam chat with you. It is a win win for everyone. The reality is that free cam girl sites are better than the real world when it comes to meeting that hot college blonde that you so desire

4. Real world women are boring compared to live cam girls

super hot amateur cam girl posingIt is common knowledge that the most exciting period of a relationship is the early stage when you are getting to know each other and discovering things about each other lives. A time when everything she does and says is cute. If you are lucky, this stage might last a couple of weeks but from there on it is all downhill.

Soon after you are sitting across a person with whom you probably have no interests in common. She would rather not listen to you talk about sports or the brand new game you love but will expect you to listen to her slandering all of her girlfriends. Let’s face it, real life women are boring to hang out with.

On the contrary, when you log on to free live cam chat sites, you have a wide variety of girls, from hot live college women to petite teen (18+) next door types. From all sorts of hot amateur coeds and even mature coeds available to spend some sexy time with. Many of these amateur web cam girls state their hobbies and interests on their profile pages. For instance, it is very common to run into live teen (18+) webcam rooms where the cam girls are gaming nerds.

The point being that you do not have to settle when it comes to free cam girls. You can choose them not just based on their beauty but also the interests you might have in common. This way your relationship with hot women live on cam will end up being more than about just sex.

A real life girl on the other hand will quickly become immune to your charms. The quirks of yours that she once found cute will suddenly be annoying and you will constantly have to keep working on yourself to keep her interest. No man needs or deserves such a level of insecurity and anxiety and this is why more and more self-respecting men nowadays are choosing to spend time with live show girls in their cozy, friendly online sex chat rooms

5. Webcam girls do not get jealous or make you jealous

Most girls, even hot women, are jealous by nature. You might be having an innocent conversation with a member of the opposite sex but she will assume that you were trying to get into her pants. It does not matter what you say or what the reality is. If she feels it, it is true in her mind and then she does what she knows best- she plays mind games by making you jealous.

All of a sudden she will find all jokes cracked by other men to be super funny while she will barely acknowledge your quips. This has happened to every man in the world one time or another and we know what a sinking feeling it is. Mature cam girls on the other hand have no such issues. They are on their live adult sex cams daily looking for partners who want to experience her sexuality with her. She has only one goal- to please you and please herself. Free cam girls are thus more likely to have an open mind whether they are college babes, amateur teen (18+) webcam girls or mature coeds. It’s a fresh break of air really.

6. For real girls, you are expendable. For cam girls, you are the king

clarafrench amateur-camgirl from livejasmin trying to catch you
You ARE the king!

As Rachel says in one episode of Friends, you always need to have an upper hand when in a relationship. This is as true as the fact that the sun sets in the east. Hot women always encourage their boyfriends to be vulnerable, to show their emotional side. The foolish men, who fall for it, quickly realize that the moment you do that, she will perceive you as weak. The fact is that you can never let your guard down and that my friend is a very taxing exercise.

You pretty much know by now that when it comes to a live cam girl show, no such things will happen. A cam girl on a live video chat room only wants you to have a good time so you keep coming back for more but even if you feel the need to be vulnerable, free live cam girls will only encourage you and be happy to listen to what you have to say .

Do not forget that for a real girl you are expendable. Just take a look at her social media inbox that is full of hundreds of messages from other men who want to get with her. She can drop you at any moment and go with them. But for that gorgeous coed girl on her amateur sex cam, you will always be the king!

7. Webcam girls do not judge

tattooed amateur webcam girl posing on bed
I won’t judge you, you will judge me!

Sexy girls having sex that is fulfilling, have better relationships. If things are not going well in the bedroom then it is very likely that any relationship with hot women is going to suck. For many of us, who want to go beyond vanilla sex and have a particular fetish or three, which poses a problem. If you had a penny for every guy who is scared, embarrassed or unable to explain his sexual fetish to his girlfriend, you would have a million dollars.

After all, how do you explain to your coed girlfriend that you find her feet sexy and would lick to lick her soles and suck her toes? Or when you are banging that hottest girl next door, do you have the guts to tell her to spread her ass so you could sniff it? In either of these cases, all you will get is a weird look and the sound of her slamming the door on you. Not to mention the fact that you will labeled as a pervert in your social circles.

As open and liberal as our society claims it is in this day and age, people with fetishes are still looked down upon and labeled as weirdos. This single-handedly is the biggest reason why regular men are flocking to live cam sites in the hunt for that perfect live video girl who can make their dirty dreams come true. As mentioned before, Kelly the coed, who is eager to please on her hot teen (18+) cam, isn’t likely to even raise a brow when you ask her if she can wear stockings and heels and zoom in the camera on to her toes.

Chatting with online webcam girls is a very liberating experience and real cam girls go through great pains to please you. Just log on to one of the best free cam sites and find a free hot webcam chat room that appeals to you and you will open a camsexy world that will change your life.

In today’s world where hot college chicks, cute girls next door and women in general are obsessed with likes & follows on social media and having a posse of admirers at their command, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have a worthwhile relationship with them, especially when it comes to the sexual side. But as we have argued in this article, amateur cam girls are the definite answer.

No longer do you, as a self respecting man have to put up with tantrums, mind games and vanity of hot women around you just to get laid. It is time to delve into the world of free live cams where sexy amateur webcam girls are waiting for you at all times of the day and night.