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Bitcoin webcams and the adventures of a cam girl aficionado

Ads for internet dating and dating apps tell you that there is no reason for you to be alone. Or to spend weekends staying home by yourself because there is apparently a world full of beautiful women waiting to meet with you outside. Of course, just like most advertisements, these too are full of bull refuse as it has statistically been proven that the success rate of men on apps like Tinder is dismally low and unless you are jacked or loaded, you aren’t going to succeed. Considering how most of us normal males are neither, our failure on social media dating apps is all but a matter of time.

It is at this stage that a male with a healthy libido turns to the real gift of the interred a.k.a porn. The internet is full of porn and there are tons of free sites for you to choose from but even the best, super HD porn cannot replace the companionship that you feel with a girl. Even an adult text chat with a member of the opposite sex is infinitely better than watching porn daily. Yes, porn sure does get you off but it does nothing else apart from that.

Like you, I too have been stuck in such turmoil and luckily, browsing around aimlessly on one lonely night, I came across an adult group chat room. And boy, was my mind blow apart. It was unthinkable to me at that time that a happy place could exist on the Internet which was full of friendly, gorgeous girls from all over the world, just waiting to give company to lonely men like me. A singles chat room, an adult stranger chat room where I could be myself and interact with the hottest women on the Internet. Such a place does exist where thousands upon thousands of live webcam girls spend hours chatting with men like me. If you haven’t been to one of these amazing free singles chat rooms, then you don’t know what you are missing.

Live chat online redefined

A regular internet live chat room has had its glory days pass by ten years ago. In today’s day and age any random chat site is nothing but a hot bed of spammers, trolls and internet hackers trying to manipulate or scam innocent people, one way or another. These random chat rooms appear innocent but are anything but. Live video chat rooms on the other hand are unpretentious and up front about what they offer.

The top free cam sites like Chaturbate or Livejasmin aren’t shy about proclaiming what is on offer. On the contrary they are proud of the fact their chat websites feature the hottest cam girls. They don’t make any false promises and that fact itself makes live webcam chat sites better than the regular ones.

The main attraction of the best cam to cam sites however remain the sexy amateur webcam girls and after you have interacted with the best webcam girls you will wonder why more women in the world can’t be like these live girls. The world surely would be a much happier place then.  Pick a random chat room on any of the free webcam sites and you will be treated to a sight for sore eyes.

Whether you like shy teen cam girls on their teen girl webcams, mature cam models with their age defying beauty or even shemales who could put real girls to shame- rest assured that all your sexual fantasies will be fulfilled on video chat sites. Not only will these free live girls arouse you, they will take you to erotic places you didn’t deem possible.

Cam girls love having a man in control

One of the many things I personally love the most about these sexy live cam women is the fact that most of them love it when a man is in control, especially during private cam chat. Time spent with the top cam girls is highly interactive where they put in a lot of effort to understand the kind of kinky things that turn you on. Similarly real cam girls will share their own fetishes with you and the end result is a sexual interaction that is second to none.

Being in a private cam chat room with a hot cam girl puts you in the director’s position. You could think of a live webcam show like a movie that you are directing. The cam model is there to listen to your instructions. You could tell her to do a sexual act and she will. You could tell her to get in a doggy style position and ram a dildo in her pussy and she will. If you tell her to dress up in a school girl skirt and heels, the cam model will only be too happy to oblige you.

It is this interactive nature of a private video chat that makes random video chat sites such an attraction for men everywhere.

Live webcam sites are a sea full of fish

One of my favorite things to do on random cam sites is hunting for the right cam girl who ticks all the boxes on my requirement list. For example say you are in a mood to do some BDSM role play with a pale, red head, web cam teen. Of course, you start by logging on to the live cam site and going through the massive list of hot cam models that is presented to you. Lastly you go through the profile of a few teen redheads to see if they are interested in a BDSM role-play.

This for me is so much fun because firstly, you are sure that all of these real cam girls will be interested in you and there is no chance of getting rejected, something that you aren’t sure of in real life. Secondly, when you find the right live cam girl, chances are very good that not only will she bring in her own ideas, she is bound to elevate your sexual experience to a whole new level.

We are after all men and men by nature like to hunt. Especially when it is hunting for such sexy top cam girls.

A webcam room is your chance to become an exhibitionist too

Like live cam girls, there are many of us regular Joes’ too who would like an opportunity to show off our goods on cam, although not many of us would do that in a public adult cyber chat room. But in a private cam to cam chat room with a cam show girl, we can get as dirty as possible. You can turn on your cam, drop all your clothes and let her get a good view of your own body as well.

Besides it is a much more engaging sexual experience for the cam model as well when during a webcam video chat, she can see you as well. And if you are into a fetish like JOI then sky is the limit for you. Imagine her encouraging you to edge your way to an orgasm, telling you how she would like to suck you, guiding you sensually all the way to a massive ejaculating orgasm. Where else could you get such tailor made experience?

Best webcam chat sites are totally anonymous especially Bitcoin webcams

For men who value their privacy, especially those who are already in a relationship or are married, adult live cam sites are a gift from the gods. Why cheat on your significant other in real life (possibly with someone mediocre) when you can have all this amazing erotic fun on the side with tons of gorgeous webcam ladies? Top webcam girls put a great emphasis on privacy and understand the discreet nature of this cyber relationship, very unlike any real world girls that you might choose to have an affair with.

Whatever happens inside of a webcam chat room stays in that live cam chat room and if you want to make the experience even more anonymous then you can choose to pay for a private cam chat room with Bitcoins. Bitcoin webcams are a new rising trend as more and more cam followers are concerned about their privacy.

Livejasmin & Cams.com are just two examples of many of the top cam girl sites that accept Bitcoin as the payment for private cam to cam chat. Many of them even have special offers on token sales when you buy them using Bitcoins. Once you have the required number of tokens for a private webcam chat with the hottest cam girls you are simply one click away from some webcam hardcore sex.

But before you go ahead and do a private sex chat with a busty cam model, make sure that you read her profile first to get an idea of the sexual activities that she is comfortable with. This profile information also lets you know the fetishes and kinks that the said cam girl is an expert in. In my experience it is better to find a hot live cam girl that specializes in your particular fetish rather than selecting a particular girl and then talking her into performing that sexual act with you.

You should also spend some time watching the free cam show of a cam model to get an idea of her personality and the kind of things she likes doing. Often fans in the live chat room will tip the cam girl with tokens in order to entice her to do something sexual. This should give you a fair idea of whether you want to go on a one on one video chat adventure with her.