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Are Couple Sex Cams Better Than Regular Porn? An Honest Review!

I can’t watch porn anymore! There I said it.

Tell this to someone who knows me and they would laugh in your face. After all, I am known as the go to guy for porn in my friends circle. My porn collection has long been the envy of my male friends and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have a throbbing (literally) passion for porn.

Ever since I found the internet in the early 00’s, I have been obsessed with porn. Multiple hard drives of mine are filled with video files, categorized neatly according to genre and sometimes, alphabetically for my fav porn stars. Even though we have easy access to porn nowadays, thanks to our smartphones and high speed internet, yet my xxx collection grows steadily. At least until recently.

But as I said before, I can’t watch porn anymore. And there is a reason for that my new found love for couple sex cams.

What’s the big deal with live couple sex cams?

It’s difficult to explain the awesomeness of live adult webcams with couples to someone who has never had this amazing experience before. Think of it this way: a live couple sex cam is a fresh pint of craft beer as compared to the stale old bottled beer that is regular porn. If it doesn’t make sense, then I will try to describe my own experience with live couple cams and why it made me stop watching regular porn.

Hopefully this honest review of my experiences will paint a clear picture and help you plan your own future live xxx adventures. Please note that opinions in this post are my own and are based on my real life experiences with watching live couples on cam.

Couple webcam porn is interactive

vanessamikael - couple on cam showing off tits and tattoos
Watch me as I’m being fucked hard!

No surprises that this is the biggest reason me and millions of others around the world like to watch a couples fucking live on cam. A porn video is scripted and you have to forward and rewind to find the part that you like best. Honestly, it is very annoying, especially when you are operating one handed (he he).

But when it comes to live couple sex cams, you can ask the couples who fuck live on cam to perform a particular sexual act for you. A live couple sex cam always has a chat window along with it where you and many others can talk directly to the couple on screen. Some even have the option of a voice chat. I bet that like me, you too have wanted to say dirty things to the stars on the screen when watching a porn film.

With couple sex chat rooms, you can finally make this fantasy come true. Imagine talking dirty to a hot sexy woman as she gets pounded by her partner, in a position chosen by you. I get a hard on just thinking about it. You can practically play the role of a director that is instructing a cam couple how to fuck.

There is nothing sexier than having this power and making your own personal live porn movie, starring a webcam couple that you chose from all the options available to you.

Couples on webcam are the real deal

Unlike porn stars, who more often than not, perform sexual acts like robots or worse, overact their enthusiasm and rely on exaggerated gestures and noises, most xxx cam couples are totally natural. In a majority of cases a webcam sex couple is together in real life and when they perform a live porn session for you, it is quite easy to see the affection between them. In my opinion, the experience is a hundred times better than watching a couple of porn stars go at it in a mundane fashion.

Most couples that I have watched on live sex chat rooms have also been exhibitionists. Meaning that they get off at the idea of other people watching them have sex. When you talk dirty to them they do it with even more passion the end result is a win-win for all. Besides, cam girls really give you that ‘girl next door’ feel which makes you feel a personal connection.

One of my favorite things about couples on adult webcams is that the interaction with them is not limited just to sexual things. When not busy performing, webcam couples will engage in a conversation with other people in the room, even sharing stories about their lives. Once a couple even sang a song on a guitar to entertain those in the room. This builds a great connection with the viewer. For instance, I constantly find myself logging on to the shows of the performers who I have interacted with most. It’s like making new friends, except those friends fuck on cam for you so you can get off!

Webcam couples come in all sizes and varieties

Personally I like all kinds of porn but there are days when I want to see something particular. Off late my favorites have been lesbian couple cam porn and I love the fact that I can log on to an adult webcam site and find lesbians couples of all colors and sizes fucking on cam. It usually takes me a few minutes of browsing before I am able to shortlist a couple that I like.

After that I spend some time chatting with them via the chat window and if I like their vibe and find them sexy, I go right into a private session. After that it is usually a tough struggle to not ejaculate as most of the top webcam couples are really good at what they do.

In fact, many porn stars have given up their careers to start a live couple’s cam. And take it from me that some of those couples are insanely hot and can make you cum within minutes. Trust me; always keep tissues handy to avoid a mess!

There are plenty of free couple’s sex cams on adult websites

tatanysamantha - online couple wbecam sex performers
Hello, you fucked my girlfriend, prepare to cum

When I tell my friends about couples fuck cams, their first worry that it will cost them a lot of money. That thankfully is not true! There are tons of free couple adult webcams that you can enjoy without spending a dime. You can even go to the chat window and ask a couple to do something for you and you never know, they just might to it without asking for tips!

This is a great way to get a sneak peek at how good they are before you decide to go into a private room with them and speaking of private rooms… well whatever happens in a private room, stays in private room.

In many cases, other people in the sex chat room will tip the couple with tokens or coins as an incentive for the couple to perform a particular sexual act that could range from a blowjob, to a rimjob to fetishes like fisting and foot play. Another way for you to enjoy a live couple fuck porn. In fact most of the times, I have had a great time without spending any money at all as other people in the room kept paying the cam couple to do dirty, sexy things.

Webcam couples also run games like wheel of fortune which lets you win a prize like a free private session or another sexual show of your choice. My whole point is that you do not need to spend a fortune to get the most out of a live couple sex cam. There are plenty of free options that can help you bust a nut.

Is it worth spending money on a couple webcam sex show?

live sex show with hot webcam couple - robinandserenaSo the obvious question on your mind must be why I spend money on cams when there is so much available for free. First off, when I find performers who are really good at what they do and work hard to please me, I feel that they deserve something back as a reward.

Secondly, when you show your appreciation to a performer by tipping them, they are even more inclined to put on a great show for you. And it is well worth the money. For a few bucks I can get a customized live porn show performed for myself, have a quickie and then be on my way. Truly, bang for the buck!

You surely get more value for money with couples sexcams than you would by paying for a subscription to a porn site. As someone who has spent a lot of money building a great porn collection, the money I spend on a couple live cam is negligible in comparison.

And you don’t have to spend a ton. If you are on a budget then you can even join a group show with other users in the adult chat room. All of you share the cost and in return get a xxx private show staged for you. Besides, watching a couple fuck on cam is much more fun when there are a lot of other users interacting with them as well.

Watching live couple sex cam session is better than cheating

There is no man alive who hasn’t wanted to have sex with someone outside of their relationship. As any person who has done this will tell you, it’s very stressful and often ends up in a disaster. Personally for me, having a virtual relationship with couples on cam is much better than doing it in the real world.

Besides it lets me enjoy exotic women from lands far away with whom I wouldn’t have a chance of interacting with in real life. And the best part is that my girlfriend has no need to worrying about me cheating on her and neither does she need to know about my virtual adventures (wink!)

So that was my honest review of webcam couples based on my years of experience with them. As I said at the start, I haven’t even watched a single minute of porn since I discover the wonderful world of live sex cams.

Watching real people play dirty games is a lot sexier to me than any scripted porn ever would be.  I truly hope that your experience is as good as mine and hey, who knows? We might even run into each other in one of the countless webcam couples chat rooms.