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Gift card webcams & erotica- A match made in heaven

Gift cards are here to stay. From big companies like Apple to your local restaurants, everyone offers gift cards and for consumers, it is a convenient gift. So much that in a recent 2015 survey, it was established that 93% of all consumers in the US either gave or received gift cards in that calendar year. In the two decades since their introduction, gift cards have turned into a hot item that is not going away anytime soon. In 2018, more than $180 billion has already been spent on gift cards, with 83% of all corporate organizations using gift cards as employee incentive and bonuses.

As impressive as that seems, it is still not as impressive as the following statistic- more than $1 billion worth of gift cards go unused every year. Imagine that! Still it works out for the company issuing the gift card as they get paid the value of the gift card whether it is used or not. Stop and think about it for a moment- do you recall receiving gift cards that went completely unused because you weren’t interested, or ‘coz the place of business was in an inconvenient location or simply because you forgot? It has happened to all of us.

A company by the name of Paygarden realize that this wastage was a trend that was unusually prevalent so they devised a way in which you can pay for services and goods using gift cards that you are not interested in using. This means that gift cards that you might have lying around are practically money.

So what could be the best use of such gift cards we wonder? Enter online adult chatting websites that let you live cam chat with gorgeous women.

The wonder of gift card webcams barter

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Private online cam chat rooms are all of your wildest fantasies come true. It is this beautiful virtual chat room where the only person apart from you, is the cam girl (or girls). The only true question is- what would you do to a sexy cam model if you had her just to yourself? What would you command her to do? What kind of sexy things should these sexually free online webcam girls be doing to make you feel hot and horny?

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To move into a private live webcam room, you need to buy tokens or coins that are sold on all the good webcam sites. These are just like buying coins in an online video game. These tokens or coins can be bought at a reasonable price from the cam show site itself and there are many ways in which you can do that. You could use a credit or a debit card, or PayPal or even Bitcoin to buy these tokens/coins but today we will talk about how to buy  access to all the private cam to cam fun that you can have using gift cards.

Gift card webcams to the rescue

Most gift cards have an expiry date on them and as mentioned before, a large number of people never use them. Doesn’t matter to the retailers issuing them as they already got their money when a person bought the gift card. For you however it is wasted money. After all, why must you give the retailers the satisfaction of free money when you can actually use it like cash.

You could simply go through a site like Paygarden which converts your gift cards to cash and use this cash to buy those private cam to cam room tokens or coins. Apart from the fact that gift cards are practically like free cash for you, there are a couple of other reason for using these gift cards for cam show sites payments.

Gift cards have no name on them. No way that they can be connected to who bought them or used them and for this very reason, many people like the idea of gift cards webcams sites as they are practically a completely anonymous method of making a payment. If you receive your credit card statement at home or have a joint account with your spouse, you surely do not want her or anyone else to see a credit card charge from a adult cyber chat site.

Paying with gift cards for webcam chat is like using Bitcoin, it guarantees 100% anonymity, except here also, gift cards have a distinct advantage over Bitcoin. Gift cards retain their original value over time while the value of Bitcoin constantly fluctuates. X number of Bitcoins might buy a certain amount of tokens or coins on an online cam site today, but the same number of Bitcoins might just end up buying you a lot lesser tomorrow. There is no certainty.

With gift cards, a $100 amount always remains $100 no matter what. Couple this with the anonymity factor and you can see why most regular users of cam show sites like using gift cards to pay for their private cam room adventures.

So if you have a bunch of gift cards handy and want to explore the magical world of the hottest cam girls, then rejoice! You are merely a click away from the erotic heaven that is private video cam chat rooms.