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Oops…you got me!

Just like the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, forbidden sex is always the best. But when you are stuck in a boring committed relationship, forbidden sex is as rare as a gold plated unicorn. But there is another way- live hidden webcam sex.

There is no doubt that the live porn cam equivalent of forbidden sex is live hidden sex webcams and as any porn expert, in this case your friendly neighborhood porn guru aka me, will tell you, live hidden porn cams are much better than boring old regular porn. Don’t get me wrong, regular live porn cam rooms are fun too but if you want some real kink, some super awesome xxx fun, then hidden sex cams is where it’s at.

Trust me, when you watch a real hidden sex cam for the first time, you will get a real awesome feeling, like you got when you first watched porn in your life. Remember how awesome that was? I am talkin’ about the sex show of a lifetime!

Why are hidden sex cams the crown jewel of XXX online?

Let me as you a simple question here. Did you ever accidentally catch a glimpse of someone undressing? Perhaps it was the sexy soccer mom next door or your friend’s girlfriend that you happened to walk in on by chance (you dirty bastard!)? Remember the rush it gave you? That uncanny sense of horny-ness? That stunning, sexy visual that you probably will never forget? I am sure you ran that movie in your hand plenty of times on many lonely nights.

Point being that catching a glimpse of a nude girl, who is not aware of you doing that is definitely a thrill, especially if that someone is now being fucked by a huge dildo or gangbanged in the ass. Heck, if I find an attractive girl in front of me bending low, I can’t help but take a quick peek at her cleavage. We all do but I have no shame in admitting it. The human mind is extremely curious and we especially want to see what is supposed to be hidden from us.

There is a voyeur in all of us and I say that we have no shame in admitting it. Cocks out lads! Okay, not literally I meant, unless you are watching a live hidden webcam online. I am in no way suggesting that you go around in public, trying to catch a glimpse of things you are not meant to be seeing. And why would you even need to? When you have fuck tons of amazing live hidden webcam sex shows online to choose from.

Hidden adult sex cams are like a virtual keyhole through which you can spy on sexy naked women without them knowing it. Shit, I’m getting a hard on just thinking about it.

Tons of real XXX hidden sex cams are waiting online for you

hidden sex cam catches a tight assEven if you fapped ten times a day and watched an equal number of live sex cams, you still won’t run out of hidden sex cams to choose from for a long long time.  There are tons of performers of all kinds, performing all kinds of kinky things for your pleasure. A lot more than you could imagine.

Just a little while back, I was ‘enjoying’ a Latina MILF, in a sexy red gown, putting on a show that will have my blood rushing to the nether regions for quite a few hours to come. She started out by playing with herself while clothed. As she got hot and bothered, more and more skin was revealed on her webcam show as she stripped into her birthday suit.

Soon one by one, three of her fingers entered the mystery opening between her legs and as she moaned her way to an orgasm, so did I. This sexy lady probably had no idea that a whole bunch of us voyeuristic perverts were getting our rocks off at the same time.

This is a great time to be a voyeuristic pervert that all of us are deep down anyways and every time I log on to a live porn cam website, I get that kind in candy store feeling. Redheads, blondes, Ebony ladies, Asians, Latinas. Sigh! I swear, sometimes it takes me an hour just to browse through all the sexy ladies that are available on live sex chat rooms and pick one. Once you have your first live porn experience you will relate to what I am describing here.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Which live sex chat room should I choose?

This is a question I find myself asking all the time. Imagine if you were sent into a room full of sexy ladies and asked to choose one. How does one even begin? This is what a live sex chat room feels like.

And I am not even talking about choosing between live sex cams featuring different ethnicities, kinks, colors or sizes.

There are so many options that it is often difficult to even choose a camgirl from one single category. No jokes! Just the other day I was in the mood to watch a sexy young amateur webcam girl do her thing in the her sex chat room for me. Hot and horny, with my dong in my hand and in the mood for some sex chat, I hastily logged on to the webcam site and searched for ‘girl next door amateur’.

Instantly I was bombarded with hundreds of options. A young sexy thing with a perky ass, barely wrapped in a thong. A blue eyed, big breasted beauty in a school girl costume (18+ of age of course). A blue haired Goth beauty dressed to the nines in black. Heck, there was even a sexy pale tomboyish girl sitting around in nothing but a reversed baseball hat.

So much choice and I had barely even started exploring one live porn cam category. In the end I settled for a mini skirt clad sexy girl who was a vision to behold in her super sexy black open toed heels. Hey, don’t hold it against me. I am a voyeuristic pervert with very particular tastes.

Hidden sex cams are not just about the ladies

Don’t get me wrong. Sexy ladies are the heart and soul of any good live porn webcam performance. What I am talking about however is something more than that.

Sure, we all like to see scantily clad sexy ladies, getting themselves off for our pleasures but what if I told you that there is a live porn show that is even sexier. Yep, I am talking about couples on live sex cams fucking like bunnies.

Alright, I’ll tell you a story. I have a friend who has a massive cuckold fetish and since he can’t act on this fantasy in his real life, he resorts to live hidden sex cams to get his fill. Long bored of regular porn, one day he logged on to an xxx adult web cam site and found a couple whose sex chat room was themed around cuckoldry. His joy knew no bounds when he realized that the sexy girl on the live porn cam was fucking a ripped stud as her husband watched. You can just about imagine how sexy this must have been for someone who loves cuckold porn.

Couple sex is where you let your devious sexual fantasy take over and in a politically correct world where we are always discouraged to do so, it is a welcome relief. And couple web cam sex is not just restricted to sex between a man and a sexy woman. There are lesbian live porn shows too and even then there are lesbians of many different ethnicities. Black girl on white girl, Latina with Asian girl, short hair blonde on long haired redhead- they got it all.

Besides when you are watching a live couples hidden sex cam, the sexual energy between them adds to the whole experience and don’t be surprised when you feel as if you were there for real. Trust me; every time I see a sexy girl sucking a long, hard cock on a live xxx cam, I feel a strong shiver down my spine all the way to the tip of my own cock. It feels surreal.

What is your kink?

As I mentioned before, I am not your average run of the mill porn lover who will watch any random live sex webcam. I like very particular things and it will come as no surprise when I say that I too like certain kinky things more than others. Shemales for example. There is something really sexy about a gorgeous woman, with sexy tits and a firm cock. Some of them are such beauties that if you passed them on the road you would never know that she is hiding a little secret between her legs. A tranny surprise 🙂

No surprises then, that one of the most popular adult webcam sex show categories is shemales fucking girls. It is like lesbian porn on steroids. For instance, I often find it a turn off when lesbians start using strap-ons. Nah! Not for me. I am a natural guy. I want to see a cock jammed into her pussy, pounding it to oblivion. A live sex chat room with a hot shemale fucking a sexy girl is just my kind of thing. Two pair of tits and one hard cock, making her squirm.

This is just an example as there are plenty of kinks you can explore on a live hidden sex cam show, ranging from ass play, foot play to double fisting and all kinds of role-plays. Given all this choice, all these sexy ladies, I am sure you don’t wonder anymore why I choose live hidden cam shows over regular porn. And if you too are serious about getting yourself into an orgasmic frenzy, I suggest you do the same.