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Sex Cam vs Porn – The Final Verdict

It is no secret that porn sites are some of the most visited sites on the Internet and well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Sexy people having sex will always draw a crowd whether it is in an advertisement, a steamy movie scene or in a hardcore porn film. Men and women alike resort to porn when it comes to satisfying their solo sexual needs however that trend has seen a change in the recent years as the internet masses want more than just a scripted porn film to satisfy their needs.

While adult text chat rooms have existed on the internet since its early days, the concept of adult cam chat sites has only come into its own in the last few years. So much so that it has taken away a big chunk of porn viewers who prefer the reality TV aspect of a live webcam xxx show to the stale feel of a porno video. Just like a music lover would prefer to watch a live show rather than keep listening to the same old record from their favorite band.

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But first, what the hell is a sex cam?

A live sex cam is your wildest fantasy come true. If you think this is an exaggeration, wait till you first step into a live chat room with some of the hottest live cam models strutting their stuff. A live webcam chat features one or more cam girls, and very sexy cam girls at that, who are experts at putting on a super sexy cam show. You will feel like you are in a hardcore strip club in Amsterdam.

These online chat rooms look very much like regular chat rooms but with a sexual angle. There is of course the dirty video chat cam window plus a profile of the cam girl or girls that are very much like a dating profile. It tells you information about the cam model and things (and kinks) that she is interested in.

The adult group chat is what you can use to interact with her although there is an option to talk to her via your mic or even do a cam to cam video chat. When it comes to these free cam chat sites like Livejasmin, Chaturbate & Myfreecams etc. the possibilities are endless and while no two performers are identical, it is but assured that you will not only have a good time in live sex cam rooms but it will prove to be an experience like no other.

Why a live sex cam is better than porn

Okay let’s get the most obvious truth out of the way first- We all have watched it, enjoyed it for hours and it is safe to say that porn is awesome, at first. To anyone who is new to the internet or just discovered the massive amounts of free porn that is available online, it can get very exciting very quickly. Free porn, what’s not to be liked about it right?

But then the stagnation and boredom sets in. Suddenly regular porn videos do not get you as hard as they used to, so you start watching kinky fetish porn and after a while even that seems boring. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you, the inherent problem with porn is that it is scripted and more often than not, performed by porn stars who would rather be elsewhere doing something else. When the performers themselves don’t take joy in it and have to fake their excitement, it is no surprise that porn viewers find it boring too.

Porn seems even more bleak when you compare it to a cam girl show, where a sexy girl next door is performing for her fans, bringing them sensations that they will never ever feel from stale old porn. As you know by now, the best live cam sites have an inbuilt chat that allows you to talk to others in the room, especially the cam girl performer herself. This practically means that you can direct her to do what you like. Do you want to see a cam girl in doggy style, with her ass raised up to the sky? Ask nicely and she might do it for you (hint: she probably will).

You could even tell the live cam girl to dress up in a particular piece of clothing or to put on a pair of sexy high heels and it is very likely that the web cam live girl will do it for you. The top webcam sites like the ones mentioned above, have only the best free hot webcam girls performing for them and the best part is that you are their director who decides what happens during a live show cam broadcast. Something mere mortals can never do with boring old porn.

Free webcam girls are as real as it can get

sophydavis shows her hot ass on live sex sessionAnother big complaint that long time porn viewers have is about the fake-ness of porn stars. Have you ever watched porn movies where not only were the fake tits of the porn star bloody obvious, but you could even see the cuts from her breast implant surgery under her breasts? If you have spent any time watching porn then you surely have noticed this. For a large percentage of men, fake boobs are a big turn off. It doesn’t stop at this as now porn stars even have fake ass implants.

It is no wonder that so many people find watching silicon babes, fake orgasming their way to a pay check a big turn off. In contrast, live cam sites are full of girls who are, well just regular girls. What sets them apart from porn stars is that they aren’t forced to put on a free cam show because of a contract. Even the hottest cam girls do this because they love performing for their fans in free webcam chat rooms.

As you will soon realize once you visit a free chat website, these cam girls are highly sexual individuals who love nothing more than turning on their sex cam and sharing their sexuality with the rest of the world via a free online video chat. The best cam girls are not only good at being sexual, as they tease a man all the way to an exploding orgasm- These amateur webcam girls also have great people’s skills and you will regularly see them talking to their fans and the other followers in their free video chat rooms, even via cam to cam chat.

Many of these online cam girls are true exhibitionists and are so addicted to what they do that not only will they stay online in the live cam chat room all day, they will spend time with their fans even when on a break. It is not unusual for a live xxx cam girl to eat her meals as she has a real cam chat with her fans about random things.

This is the very reason why more and more people are quickly jumping on the xxx video cam sites bandwagon as it gives them an experience that they could never ever have with regular porn. In the end, it is the bonding you develop with the real webcam girls and the resulting emotional connection, which makes all the difference.

Real cam girls are attentive to your needs

As we have established so far, cam girls that put on live cam shows on the best cam sites are very interactive and sociable. While all that is good for conversation, the real motive of any man who visits one of the top webcam sites, like Chaturabte, is sexual gratification. In plain words, a man wants a satisfying orgasmic experience to top his hard on. While the best webcam girls are hot as hell and are good at putting on a live cam show, they are equally good at listening to you, paying attention to your needs and getting you to the point of release.

For instance, visit any of the top cam girl sites and you will easily be able to narrow down random video chat rooms as per the kinks that those cam girls like to indulge in. Some of them have a foot fetish, some like bondage and there are even those camgirls who indulge in erotic cosplay. By that we mean proper cosplay. One of the popular ones is the Arabian nights cosplay where the cam girl will dress up as a sexy genie and decorate her physical surroundings in an Arabian theme.

Once you get a hang of a live xxx webcam room, the important thing is to convey your kinks and your sexual needs to the live cam model in as clear words as you can. This is not the place to be shy as no one is judging you at all.

As you can see clearly now, live sex cam rooms are infinitely better than porn. In every which way, webcam live xxx shows score over its non-interactive cousin and once you start a webcam chat with girls, you will never go back to boring old porn.