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Men prefer live sex chat over real girls!

The porn industry is on a red alert as their top place as the premier form of adult entertainment online is slowly being encroached upon by live video chat rooms. Day by day, a large percentage of men around the world are choosing to spend their time in a live sex chat room, with sexy cam girls who are more than happy to appreciate the attention that is showered upon them. As good as porn is (or rather used to be in pre-dirty video chat room times), these men choose to spend time in the company of real live cam girls, an experience that many consider way more gratifying than porn.

tallialovelace brunette cam girl on sex chat roomBefore we talk about how you can enter the magical world of online cam chat sites, let’s discuss what is it about these live cam girl shows that is enthralling millions of men around the world. A sex chat room as evident is a chat room where the main topic of conversation revolves around sex. To be more specific, the main topic of conversation in a live webcam video chat room is around the sexual acts and the sexiness of the cam girl who is the star performer of that particular live cam show.

However the USP of the best webcam sites like imlive is the fact that in an adult live cam chat room, a lot more than just sex chat happens. Sure, there is the presence of a sexy cam girl who is waiting on her hands and knees (often literally) to talk to you but unlike any other regular internet chat room, she is ready to do very naughty things in order to please you. In case you are in shock, let me repeat it again- a camgirl’s who existence is based on pleasing you sexually and ushering you into an orgasmic bliss.

What happens in dirty chat rooms?

Things that happen in a dirty sex chat room must stay in that dirty chat room and that is the best part about it. These xxx cam chat rooms give you an opportunity to explore all the kinky dirty fantasies that you have ever had about the fairer sex. There are two reasons for that.

First off, the amateur webcam girl that make these rooms what they are, are real girls, who have their own sexual needs and desires. Even the shy live cam girls that you will come across have an inherent sexual need and likely have a kink or two that turns them on massively. You could even say that cam girls are regular girls who want to express their sexuality and share their sexy-ness with others and while no two cam girls are alike, they do have a tendency to be exhibitionists. Even though the hottest cam girls have their own different ways of expressing it.

For instance, there are teen (+18) cam girls who are of a submissive nature. They like to be commanded and told what to do. Many of these live cam chat girls are also into bondage and like nothing more than being dominated by a man. This means that if you are a fine gentleman who has a inkling for sub-dom play or if you are someone who enjoys BDSM, these are the cam girls that you should be looking out for.

On the other end of the spectrum there are mature cam girls who like to dominate men. Hence, someone like that would put on an adult live show that features around the femdom theme. So if your main sexual fetish revolves around being a sub, being dominated and even humiliated, these MILF sex chat rooms would be perfect for you. Wait till the best live cam girls gives you jerk off instructions, dominating you emotionally and psychologically, forcing you to hold off your orgasm till you are ready to trust at the seams. Some of these cam girls on these cam to cam sites can truly give you an experience that a real girl can never give.

Live sex chat rooms are judgment free

paytonruiz cam girl with thong seducing her sex chat viewersThe second reason why these xxx video chat rooms are so awesome is that there is no judging whatsoever and it goes both ways. The live cam girl and others in the live cam chat room will never judge you and if there is some jerk who resorts to such trolling, they will be kicked off in a hot minute. Almost all xxx webcam chat rooms have mods, which are usually long term fans of the cam girls that are in due time appointed as mods. So if a web cam teen (+18) is putting on a show and some troll comes on the adult voice chat, ruining the fun for everyone, the mods can quickly boot him.

The mods of adult live cam sites have built a deep personal relationship with their favorite cam girl over time and as a reward, they are given this free reign in the room. This really helps build a friendly, nonjudgmental environment on the best live cam websites and it allows you to enjoy all the kinky shows without worrying about whether someone is judging you for your fetish or if someone is going to troll you because of something you said.

Real live cam girls are open to ideas

As mentioned above, the best webcam girls, who frequent some of the best live cams sites such as Chaturabate, Imlive and others, are highly sexual and very open to kinky ideas. Don’t be surprised when you come across a sexy live cam girl who is interested in learning more about your particular fetish in the hopes of discovering something new about her own sexual self, to discover something new that she might get into.

After all, these cam girls are just regular girls next door types who have a strong need to be sexy and put on live cam shows for their admirers in online sex chat rooms. In fact you will be surprised at how comfortable the hottest cam girls are in front of the live webcam. Wearing sexy skimpy clothes or being completely naked comes naturally to these amazing women. Plus, their interactions with their admirers who throng these live cam show rooms regularly isn’t just limited to sex. These cam girls will even talk to you about their real life and listen to you talk about yours. They will even have their meals on cam while chit chatting to their fans. For the best cam girls, this is truly a life style that they live 24/7

How do you get started with adult live chat rooms

The good news is that the best cam girl sites like Myfreecams, cams and chaturabate etc are free. In case you would like to get a VIP private cam2cam session, you can pay with Bitcoins or gift cards, in order to keep your anonymity. The same goes for most of the best cam sites, they are totally free to access and almost all of them do not even require a sign up (which is also free). You can simply fire up your browsers, enter the address of an adult live chat website and you will be presented with a big (and gorgeous) list of cam girls that are online at that particular time. This cam girl list is displayed as thumbnails that update with their live cam shots at regular intervals. Going through this pictorial live sex cam list should give you a fair idea of which camgirls appeal to you.

Most camgirls also list their kinks and fetishes as hashtags so this gives you a better idea of what they are into even before you have stepped foot into the free cam show. As mentioned before, while you do not need to sign up for an amateur webcam chat site, it is a good idea to do that anyways. Firstly, it lets you follow your favorite cam girls so that you don’t lose track of them in the vast crowd of gorgeous cam models that are always online on the best cam sites.

Secondly, when you sign up, you get a notification every time your favorite live cam model is online. Plus when you sign up for free cam chat with girls, your favorite cam model has a ‘name’ to associate with you and as you visit her free cam show regularly, she will recognize you and this will build a bond between her and you. It is a fact that live cam show girls are more likely to do something special for their regulars as opposed to a webcam chat with strangers. Imagine entering the adult live cam chat room of a cam girl and be greeted warmly with a big smile by her. Would definitely make you feel special.

What’s the deal with live sex chat tokens?

Adult sex chat tokens are simply a way for the fans and admirers of a live cam model to show their appreciation for her. These can be acquired using Paypal, Credit card and other methods. If you simply want to enjoy a free online webcam show then these are not required but if you have your heart set on a particular cam girl and want her to feel appreciated, you can use these tokens to tip her for her performances. Often, tipping coins to a cam girl ‘unlocks’ special gifts like her private sex videos, her private social media profiles and even her personal WhatsApp number. the more loved a cam girls feels, the harder she is going to work to put on the best live cam show she can for you.

By now, there is surely no need to explain why more and more men prefer a live sex chat with the hottest cam girls over begging and pleading for sex with real life girls. Not only are these free live chat cam girls better looking, they are also attentive to the needs of her man and is very likely to fulfill the kinky fantasies that you’d be terrified to even bring up with a real life girl.